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Owner Joyce Ussery, Unit B/2/20 ARA 1 CAV, Copyright owner The VHPA
Joyce Ussery provided this photo taken about July 1968 by her late husband, Carl Ussery, of what is believed to by a B/2/20 ARA 1 CAV UH-1B. Carl served with A/1/5 Cav 1 Cav. On 9/28/1968 he was killed while riding as a passenger in a C/227 AHB 1 CAV Huey that crashed during a resupply mission and burned. Carl met Joyce on R&R a few weeks prior to his death and gave her some film to develop.

Owner Dean Lauerman, 129th AHC, Copyright owner The VHPA
UH-1B Feb 1969