This website hosts the official Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association (VHPA) photo library. Refer to for more information about the VHPA. The library contains approximately 500 digital images.

Contributions to this library are welcome. For details and instructions click here.

Most of the photos in this library have appeared in a VHPA publication or were collected for a future publication. The VHPA publications are the annual calendar, the annual directory, and the bi-monthly newsletter. The idea for this library started about 1992 from a small collection of high quality Vietnam Era photos acquired by the VHPA Directory Committee (Mike Law was the Directory Editor at that time) and the desires of several Vietnam veterans, both in and outside of the VHPA, to see these photos published in some way. The first VHPA calendar was published in 1994 and continues to this day. Refer to WWW.TURNERPUBLISHING.COM for the most recent editions.

The scope of the VHPA includes all helicopter related units, material and personnel that served in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam Era (1962 to 1975). The VHPA defines Southeast Asia to include Cambodia, Laos, North Vietnam, South Vietnam, Thailand, and the adjacent oceans. The goal of the VHPA photo library is to record, preserve and display the events and activities that were important to those who served with helicopters in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam Era. When the VHPA is no longer interested in this library, all the assets will be transferred to "The Vietnam Archive" in Lubbock, Texas at Texas Tech University

It is important to remember that while the U.S. Army had the majority of the helicopters and helicopter personnel that were involved in the Vietnam War, the VHPA acknowledges the significant contributions and sacrifices made by other military services, other countries, and even non-military organizations that operated helicopters in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam Era. We are especially interested in adding non-U.S. Army helicopter related photos.

The quality of the photos presented here was purposely limited so they cannot be reproduced commercially. Most of the photos are copyrighted by the VHPA. In some cases the owner only granted the VHPA limited publication rights. Please contact the VHPA Calendar Editor should you be interested in using any of these photos.